What’s Your Entrepreneurial Super Power?

Your new bossy but lovable business bff

CEO of Chasing the Sun, LLC
Online Business Manager
Founder of Unplugged OBM    

A born and raised Brooklyn girl🍕🎡🌭💪🏼 (with a sassy mouth and a ton of street smarts). 

I’m a first-generation entrepreneur learning to live my best life in sunny SW Florida🌴🌴with my husband and two furry kids🐱🐶.

I started my very first business in 1995 in a small studio apartment in Brooklyn. I had a ‘slow as shit’ computer 🖥️ that ran Windows 3.0 and AOL Dial-Up. “Google it” wasn’t even a thing. I’ve had a business of some kind ever since.

Now, I’m mostly known for my big smile😊, sarcastic sense of humor🤣🤣, and ability to drop an f-bomb💣 into all the sentences. I’m also known for my quick thinking, ability to strategize, and love of small business tech💻.

Online Business Manager was the perfect fit for me.  My happy place✨ is at my computer (and that computer can be on a tropical beach 🏖️ or poolside 🏊 with a soft sea breeze and an ice-cold peach bellini🥂) partnering with sassy CEOs, to help run all aspects of their creative businesses for themselves not by themselves.

Leslie Krenzelak
Leslie Krenzelak Signature

Leslie Krenzelak (LEZ-lee KREN-zuh-lak)

Business Women are changing. We build online empires. We make money from our Kitchen Tables.  WE CHANGE THE WORLD with a Laptop and a good WiFi signal.

Things that make me smile!

The boys - Chihuahuas Madden & Jaxon

The Boys

The cat princess laying on her side

The princess

bai & bai bubbles drink

Bai Bai Bai, Bai Bai!

Raspberry Gerbera Daises

Gerbera Daisies

This is us

Leslie and Jeremy Krenzelak

This is Jeremy and I during our honeymoon cruise on the Carnival Liberty. It was my very first cruise (Jeremy’s 8th) and we were both so excited.  We booked this particular cruise because it set sail on Halloween and there was a costume party planned for that night.  We were so exhausted when we finally boarded, we decided to take a nap at about 4pm. That nap turned into us waking up the next morning and realizing we totally missed dinner and the costume party we were so excited about. But, we had the best time on that cruise and to this day the Liberty is one of our favorite ships.  

My Core Values


You're Entering a Bullshit Free Zone

I will always be honest with you and I expect the same in return.  Who the hell has time for anything less.


You Gotta Keep Growing

I will always challenge you to think and dream big.  No one ever won anything worthwhile playing it small.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

We will laugh often, about inappropriate things.  There may be large amounts of sarcasm and many f-bombs.


Don't Hold Your Breath

The most important part of sustainable and lasting success is taking a minute to breathe.  We’ll do that often.

can We work together?

If you’re working your 🍑 ass off and can’t fit every damn thing into a day, PLUS you’re not leveling up⬆️ and making more 💸 money, you may need to start growing your team.   

Or maybe you’ve started building your dream team and they are great but HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, managing that team, while trying to produce is starting to run you into the ground (dramatic sigh, back of the hand to forehead).

You Don’t Need more hours in the day!

You need a strategic partner that will help your run your business so you can get back to doing what you do best.  Let me help you level up your business.