Building a Business and Life We Won’t Need a Vacation From

Imagine if you could...

create an online business that works for you, not the other way around.

I help micro-entrepreneurs plan, grow, and manage their businesses online with SYSTEMS, PROCESSES, WORKFLOWS, and AUTOMATION TOOLSso they can make money and work from anywhere there’s a strong (and safe) WiFi signal.

Systems | Processes | Workflows | automation

Does this sound familiar...

Are you so freakin Over being overwhelmed?

You’re a DIY Queen, holding down your business and life like a BOSS. You know that right now is the time to level up your business but all the tech and strategy involved has got you feeling like you’re in a dark room, with crazy eyes, sippin’ on a bottle of Patrón with a straw.  

Who’s got time to waste at the University of Google when there’s work to do? 

Leslie Krenzelak

I Got You Mama

Hi! I'm Leslie

Just a Brooklyn Girl learning to live her best life in sunny SW Florida

I am a wife, dog mom, CEO, wanderer, and eternal optimist. I love cold champagne, rooftop bars, and Flaming Not Cheetos popcorn.

I’m mostly known for my big smile, sarcastic sense of humor, and ability to drop an f-bomb into all the sentences. I’m also known for my quick thinking, ability to strategize, and love of small business tech.

I help micro-entrepreneurs plan, build, and manage their businesses online so they can make money and work anywhere there’s strong (and safe) WiFi.

"My experience with Leslie has been outstanding, to say the least. I can honestly say I probably would have quit by now if it wasn't for her. She believed in me and encouraged me when I felt too tired to continue on my journey. "

Are you ready to finally ...

Are you ready to slim down your Business, beef up your bank account and kick overwhelm to the curb?

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