What’s Your Entrepreneurial Super Power?

Online Business Manager

for creative entrepreneurs

I help creative business women manage their time, get more productive, and make more money online.

Need more time in your day?


Are you so freakin Over being overwhelmed?

Does this sound familiar?

Leslie Krenzelak sitting at desk in front of mic and computer

i got you Girl!

Hi! I'm Leslie

Online Business Manager and Founder of Unplugged OBM

My Clients get to focus on Leveling Up Their Businesses, Doing More of What They Love And Less of What They Don’t! #CEOLIFE

When you’re maxed out on clients and don’t have enough time in a day, you can not build your impact or your income.

I use all the skills I’ve learned, in almost TWO DECADES in business, including my background in tech and website design, to help my clients plan, grow, and manage their businesses like the bosses they are.

Kick overwhelm to the curb and start building a business and life you won’t need a vacation from.

let's find out...

What's Your
Super Power?

Uncover your boss strengths and
kick your business into High gear!

Where are you at in your business?

Are you ready to finally ...

  • slim down your Business?
  • beef up your bank account? 
  • kick overwhelm to the curb?