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Oh, the joys of time management. Does your to-do list have a to-do list? Are there not enough hours in the day or week? Between seeing clients, loving on your community, and doing all the things it takes to run your business like a boss, who the hell has time for anything else.

Girl, I feel you. Before I got my shit together (ok, maybe not all the way together), I had a 1st class ticket on the hot mess express myself. Here are some time management strategies that helped me work more efficiently and totally make it feel like there was more time in my day.

Time Management Tip #1

Time Block the Hell out of Your Calendar

When you time block, you assign a block of time in your calendar to one particular client, project, or task. For example, if you’re a one-on-one coach, you could block off Wednesdays and Thursdays to see clients. If you need time to create content you could block off a few hours a week to make sure you get it done. The point is that, during the time you blocked off, you’re only working on a single task. No freakin’ multi-tasking! Studies have proven that people are more efficient when they focus on a single project or task at a time.

Time Management Tip #2

Kick Time Suckers to the Curb by Tracking Your Hours and Tasks

Holy Mother of Pearl, distractions are everywhere! This is especially true when you are a team of one working in your home office (think well-meaning friends and family that call to check up on you in the middle of your workday). However, even stuff like posting on your business socials can become a distraction. You start to meander through your newsfeed and stubble across that quiz tells you what city you should live in (I get NYC every time). Or you get sucked down the rabbit hole of Bernie Sanders memes and talking dog videos.  I can relate.

If you’re not sure where you’re losing time or what your distractions are, try using the My Hours app. Time how long it takes to finish each task. Even if your girl calls during a task (cause she needs show you the cutest Baby Yoda eyeshadow pallet she’s rocking) start the timer. You can see at the end of the day what you accomplished and how much time you spent on these tasks. Then you can decide which distractions stay and which need to hit the road. I mean, BABY YODA EYE SHADOW PALLET! Who wouldn’t stop for that.

Time Management Tip#3

Don’t Overestimate How Much You Can Do in One Day

This is so me! I look at my list and decide, I’m gonna finish this shit today. I just want it done so I can start the next day with a clean slate. I would stress myself out and, at the end of the day (11 pm), feel like I totally failed at life. 

So here’s what I started doing. At the beginning of each day, I choose 1 large task and get started on that first thing in the morning. Then I choose 3 medium-sized tasks and 5 small tasks and get those done. And of course, because I am a super visual person, I cross each task off with my pretty hot pink sharpie.  Now I feel like I slay the hell out of my day. What really works is when I do this and time block at the same time. Try it and let me know if it helps.

Time Management Bonus Tip

Here's One More Time-Gaining Solution for you: Automate and systemize All the things

You might understand the power of setting a goal, but that’s just the beginning. A goal is where you want to end up, but it doesn’t tell you how to get there. Creating systems that move you purposefully toward success is the game changer.

Set your goals and then focus on developing effective systems. If you create good systems and follow them, you’ll achieve success.  

I can MANAGE YOUR TECH AND SYSTEMS plus create SCALABLE STRATEGIES so that you can kick overwhelm to the curb and optimize the hell out of your business. 

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